5 Things I Hope Will Happen Through JWMH

About 3 years ago I began the process of writing a kids’ worship album.  At the time I wanted to write songs that were in the genre of the Wiggles, but something that parents would listen to as well.  I realized along the way that I am really not good at writing Wiggles-type songs (bad for the wallet…good for my pride…ha).  But I loved writing songs that kids and parents would enjoy listening to together, and that lyrically would provide opportunities for families to have great theological discussions.  So we switched it from a kids’ project to a family worship album.

It looks as though the album will come out next Tuesday the 23rd.  And we couldn’t be happier.  Releasing this CD has been 3 years in the making (the longest any of my CD’s has taken me to release).

Here are few things I hope will happen through this CD.

1-I hope that families will have rich theological discussions because of the songs on JWMH.  It’s amazing how God made our minds to be spong-like when it comes to music.  Kids can easily sing songs about ideas that they can’t fully grasp, just because they’ve learned the melody .  We’ve been praying that dads and moms will ask question about these songs and help their children think through the implications of the theological ideas in the songs.  One, for instance, is the idea of Jesus being our substitute in the song “Love Love Love.” Obviously, substitutionary atonement is a weighty concept for kids to grasp, but I think the song give us an opportunity to help our kids think about how God lovingly put Jesus forward as our sin substitute.

2-I hope that families have fun listening to these songs.  As I wrote these songs, I knew pretty quickly if a song was a dud or heading in the right direction by the way that my daughters responded to me playing it.  If they danced and sang along almost immediately I knew it would probably stick for other kiddos as well.  Some of the most fun our family has had over the last 3 years have been dancing and laughing in our living room while we were singing these songs together.  I hope that your families experience the same joy that ours has in listening to these songs.

3-I hope that these songs give your kids good categories to love God and fight sin.  This is closely tied to point 1, but just a step further.  We have prayed that just like scripture memory, these songs would be a means of grace as our kids call them up from memory in moments of temptation.  One example might be feeling discouraged that their sin is keeping them from coming to God in prayer, and remembering a line “Rest Your Little Soul” that the “…Father’s perfect plan is to give his Spirit as our guide, to lead us to the throne of love.”

4-I hope that these songs help parents fulfill Deuteronomy 6:6-7.  Moses’ words to Isreal’s parents was that they were to tell their children about God during every situation of life.  When they were at home, when they were walking and when they were going to sleep.  Parents were commended to take every opportunity to tell their children about God.  As a parent of 3 little girls (6, 4, 3), I can tell you that this is hard.  Historically I know it’s hard because Israel failed to do it.  Experientially I know this is hard because I fail weekly and daily to do this.  I don’t want to offer a 3 step program here to cure you of your spiritual laziness and help you shepherd your kids to love God.  But I can tell you that songs with spiritual depth have been a real blessing to Danielle and myself, as it provides an opportunity for us to ask our girls questions about what they are learning in that song.  Those questions often lead to fruitful conversations.  My hope is that the songs from JWMH will help good conversations happen.

5-I hope these songs will have evangelistic fruit.  This certainly wasn’t the only purpose in writing these songs.  But I can’t help but think/pray that one of these CDs will end up in the hands of a family who doesn’t know Christ, and that God will use some of these songs to open their eyes to the gospel.  There are a lot of La La’s and Ohh’s and Ahh’s in these songs, but in-between all this there are words explicitly about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I’m praying that God would see fit to use these songs to bring people to himself.

Thank you so much for supporting our music.  Danielle and I feel blessed beyond words that so many of y’all have expressed excitement about this CD.


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